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Professional Services & Consulting

Make Sense Accessibility Virtual Cloud Platform (AVCP)

AVCP – smart plug, that enabled with only one line code that embedded on any organization website, to transform the web site to accessibility A and AA supported, this will enabled to audience such as blinds, deaf, epilepsies etc. to…

Software Development

We specialize in developing on Microsoft platforms, and adhere to Microsoft’s recommendations and guidelines in all aspects of development, placing an emphasis on keeping the business logic layer, the data layer and the end user interface layer separated. It is this separation that enables us to maintain our code with speed and quality.

Professional Services & Consulting

We provide software development and infrastructure consulting, troubleshoots specific infrastructure problems, and assists in managing software and infrastructure projects.

Systems Integration

As part of the turnkey solutions we provide our clients, our integration and infrastructure experts are always available to complete any phase of the project as required.


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